Our office was found in 2005, and we are members of the Budapest Bar. Our lawyers are specialized for taxation and we have a decades of experience in Hungarian tax procedures and taxation problems. Our team consist of professional taxlawyers, who were working for the Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration (HTCA), in different fields of taxation. For example VAT or customs and duty.

I was graduated at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University with Cum Laude degree. After that, I settled down, as junior attorney. In these times, I was started to be intrested in taxation, and I would have been become a professional tax advisor. I was working for Hungarian Tax and Customs Administration, as officer, on the legality department. In this way I could aquire a wide range of experience. I have learnt about the operation of taxpayer-registration, tax audit, and implementation departments. I was responsible for their control and I analised them. Within these years, I was learning at Budapest Business School at Finance and Accountancy Faculty and qualifed as tax, customs and duty expert.

First of all our brief are referring to tax inspection procedures, such as substantiality review, recoverable VAT, stucked VAT by HTCA, excise duty cases, deliver an opinion about contracts, in the aspect of hungarian tax law, liquidation, company screening by audits and tax law aspects. But our prospective clients may apply to us with trust, to help and solve all of their legal cases.

In our office, you could find also a professional insurance lawyer team. Legal consultancy has been being provided, bear on insurance session disputes. Advocacy of claim for damages are supplied both in lawsuits and out of court procedures.

The quality of our work is warranted by our decades of legal experience and the professionality of our well-trained associates.

We have great confidence, if you have resort to our service, you may expect the job from our well-prepared, trustworthy, dynamic legal team. And you may certain of that, we also adhere to the strict ethical rules.